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CT Limo Service is a Connecticut based provider of the most luxurious, affordable and comfortable Limo service in Connecticut. Passengers looking for a CT Limousine service would struggle to find a better option than the one provided by CT Limo Service. Here are a few of the Limousine service CT that we provide to our esteemed customers.

Airport Transportation

CT Limo Service offers Airport transportation services to its clients. We serve customers looking for a transport to and from airports like JFK, LaGuardia, Newark and Westchester.

Our CT Limousine service helps passengers avoid the tiresome process of searching for a ride with heavy luggage in tow, both from the airport and to the airport. Passengers get some much needed relief and rest after long flights. Customers save time, effort and money by booking CT Limo Service's Limo service in Connecticut.

Customers can book a Limousine service CT about 12 hours before their expected arrival time to be sure that a luxurious, high end, comfortable vehicle will be awaiting a pickup when they get down on the airport. CT passengers can have their own private vehicle waiting for them upon touchdown. They can be assured of a safe, comfortable, luxurious and relaxing journey in a high end, elegant Limo. CT Limo service is a great option for passengers who wish to enjoy the highest quality of airport transportation services that we duly provide.

Airport Shuttle Service

CT Limo Service provides an airport shuttle service for group travelers. A CT Limousine service may not be sufficient enough to accommodate everyone that is part of the traveling crew. Customers can travel together without the group being split up; all of them accommodated in the same vehicle, and reach their destination in the company of their group mates.

We offer 9-passenger vans and 13-passenger vans to satisfy this purpose and customers can choose one according to their requirements. Passengers are advised to make a pre booking to be certain of our availability and avoid being stranded at the airport with heavy luggage in tow. This is the ideal option for tourists, who usually travel in a bunch. Our airport shuttle service is the best transport option for group passengers.

Car Service

CT Limo Service also provides car service to our customers for regular (business or casual) trips.

We offer our customers the opportunity to utilize our CT Limo service to make regular trips to places like hotels or a party, for business meetings or a just a casual rendezvous. The inherent ambiance and elegance of our vehicles ensure that passengers have a nice, relaxing journey leading up to an important business meeting; and the relaxed vibe also sets the tone for a fun filled evening that may lie ahead.

Our Limousine service CT could also be utilized for picking up or dropping off guests, especially at weddings. Our classy vehicles are bound to charm them.There are multiple other transport issues that booking our service could help solve.

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