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1. What is the passenger capacity of the vehicles? How much luggage can they hold ?

Luxury Sedans and Regular Sedans - 4 passengers & 3 luggage bags. SUVs - 6 passengers & 6 standard luggage bags. 2. How much time prior to my requirement do I need to book a vehicle ? It is advisable to reserve a car 12 hours before requirement. 3. Will I be informed upon my car's arrival ? Though heavy call volume acts as a deterrent sometimes, we always make an attempt to call customers upon their car's arrival at the destination. 4. Will the driver be able to help me with my luggage at my building ? Our drivers are always at your help but they might often not be able to enter your building and leave the vehicle unguarded. 5. How much time do I have to cancel my reservation or make a change to it ?
Pickup destination (including airports) Time-frame (hours prior to pickup time)
New York City Five Boroughs at least 3
Westchester, New Jersey and Connecticut at least 6
Any cancellations after the specified time-periods are chargeable. 6. What do I do next upon landing, after booking a reservation from the airport ? Retrieve your luggage and provide us with the confirmation number on the phone. You will be picked up shortly at the Passenger Pick-Up Areas outside the Terminals. 7. For an airport pickup, is it necessary to make an advance booking? What is the approximate pickup time ? Though we usually accept unscheduled airport picks, we'd advise you to give us a call upon landing to check if we are available. The approximate pickup time is 5-10 minutes. 8. Do I get a receipt for a cash payment ? Yes. The driver will give you a cash receipt after you complete the trip. If you forget to get a receipt in the vehicle, call us to get it faxed or mailed. 9. Who bears the toll charges incurred during the trip ? Toll charges are the Passenger's responsibility. You will be informed by the driver of any additional toll charge incurred after you arrive at your destination. 10. Is tipping compulsory? Is there a predetermined tip percentage ? If you book and travel in a Sedan, Luxury Sedan, SUV, Mini-Van, 9-passenger Van, 13-passenger van and stretch limousine, we expect a 20% gratuity. 11. Does CT Limo Service accept check payments? Unfortunately, check payments are not accepted. 12. Are Credit card payments accepted ? Yes. We accept all major credit cards. For debit and credit card payments, the card number must be provided to us in advance for pre-approval purposes. 13. How does CT Limo Service charge waiting time? Waiting time charges, incurred upon late Passenger arrival, are charged at an hourly rate and at increments of 15 minutes. Time spent at additional stops, or after expiry of the complimentary waiting time for round-trips, is also billable. Waiting time charges may be incurred for an airport meet-and-greet service. However, the first 45 minutes of waiting time for international flights and 30 minutes for domestic flights is not charged. 14. Are tolls and tips included in the fare ? The fare is exclusive of tolls, fuel surcharge, tips and waiting time charges. 15. When, and how much, is the parking fee applicable ? $3 to $20 parking fee is applied for airport meet-and-greet service.  

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