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Luggage Policy Our Sedans and Luxury Sedans could fill up 4 passengers and 3 standard luggage bags. The SUVs though can hold a maximum of 6 passengers and 6 standard luggage bags.   Credit Card Policy When you choose to pay by your credit card, we expect you to provide us in advance with your credit card number solely for pre-approval purposes. We place a preliminary hold that equates to 150% of the fare quoted to you, in case you make a reservation by your card. The purpose for this is to secure the expected total bill which includes tolls, tips and waiting time, apart from the fare. The hold is released after the payment is processed on the trip's completion or about 3-5 days after it.   Cancellation Policy The customers must notify us of a trip cancellation within the time-frame provided below.
Pick Up Destination(including Airports) Time-Frame(hours prior to pickup time)

NYC 5 Boroughs

at least 3

Connecticut, Westchester and New Jersey

at least 6

Any cancellations after the specified time-frames are chargeable. You can cancel your booking via email and through Text or Call   No Show If CT Limo Service fails to establish contact with the passenger 15 minutes past the pre-scheduled pickup time, then the ride is deemed to be a no-show event and will be cancelled. If you are unable to reach your pickup destination, then you must inform CT Limo Service about it. A failure to do so may incur a no-show charge which usually amounts to the full fare.   Disclaimer CT Limo Service does not bear any responsibility for any damages that may be inflicted on the customer owing to CT Limo Service failure in providing the promised transportation facilities or due to any inadequacies in performing the services. The damages that the customer may claim are restricted to the unused value of the ticket bought. Damages due to late arrivals, inconvenience and delays in service provision cannot be blamed upon or sought from CT Limo Service. Note - We recommend passengers to always check our availability for the particular day if the reservation is not made 12 hours before the desired pickup time.   Privacy Policy CT Limo Service is fully and deeply committed to protecting the privacy of our customers. Through the use of encryption, firewalls and various other modern technology tools and security procedures, we have a reliable protection system to secure your personal information that may lie with us. All unauthorized access attempts are duly blocked and our payments are handled by a highly secure server. The information that you provide us with while making a reservation may be used by us to give you occasional but important notifications and updates regarding any new CT Limo Service services that are launched, our special offers or about some website modifications that might be of some value to you. But under no circumstances does CT Limo Service share, sell or rent this information to a third party.

All transactions made with CT Limo Service are in US dollars.

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